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Our Largo, Florida CBD shop carries a wide range of hemp and CBD products!

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Tampa Bay Hemp Co. Nano CBD Water



The normal range for pH in surface water systems is 6.5 to 8.5.



Calcium is the mineral responsible for strong bones and healthy teeth.



Sodium is what regulates the balance in your fluids and your blood pressure.



Used for energy metabolism and the structure & functioning of your muscles.

Nano CBD

5mg Nano CBD = 30mg CBD

Nano CBD as a smaller molecule is what allows for bioavailability to be maximized.



Responsible for blood/sugar levels and the conduction of neurological impulses.

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Tampa Bay Hemp Co carries a wide range of hemp and CBD products.
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What Customers Say About Tampa Bay Hemp Co

Caroline Jenkin
School Teacher

I never thought I would ever try CBD Products till my Doctor talked to me about it. I am glad he did as I cut my pain medication down in half after starting with the water.

Monica Brown
At-Home Mom

The water is great, no taste and I feel good an hour after I drink it. I am an advocate for life.

Nicole Lang

Since I started drinking the CBD water my anxiety and pain have decreased and I am able to finally sleep through the night without any problems!! I also love the convenience of it being bottled already and ready to grab and go whenever I need it.

Tom James

After moving around in the morning my back starts killing me and I drink a Tru-Releaf and within an hour, Pain gone 4 hrs later have another and POW, gone again, I love it. "Two A Day Keeps The Lupus Away"