About Tampa Bay Hemp Co.

Built on the Passion of Helping People

Offering the newest technologies available

Our Story: Tampa Bay Hemp Co is an indepentely owned, and operated hemp and CBD company located in Largo, Florida. We manufacture and sell organic hemp and CBD products throughout the United States. 

Mission statement: Help as many people at all times whether that’s customer service, quality control, pricing or future products that provide effective results.

Team Profile: With a collective 40+ years of helping people and over 12 years of extensive experience with the CBD industry. Our goal is to continue providing help for as many as possible. By using on the finest domestic quality organic products available in the United States of America.

Why Tampa Bay Hemp Co?: With anticipated industry growth by 2020 Tampa Bay Hemp Co will set the bar when it comes to quality, wholesale, all natural, organic & American made.

Founded From Necessity
Tampa Bay Hemp Co has a wide range of hemp and CBD products.
Nano Infused
Organic Full Spectrum
10 Stage Filter
Certified Quality