We use premium quality PET (plastic) bottles that are sturdy and clear in color and we also have colored bottles. Our bottles are much higher quality than the extremely lightweight store brand bottles.

Our bottled water has a FDA mandated shelf life of 2 years.

We first process the spring water via aeriation filters to neutralize any natural odors that are sometimes present in Florida springs. We then disinfect the water for any microbes that may be present, then we carbon filtrate and use micron filters to reduce particles in the water. We then use UV light for final disinfection of the spring water and lastly we inject ozone to provide stabilization and shelf life for the spring water. Our purified drinking water uses an additional reverse osmosis process to produce the highest quality purified drinking water.

We bottle from our state verified natural spring and produce both spring and purified drinking water. Orange Springs Specialty Water and Beverage Company is a member of the South Eastern Water Bottlers Association and we comply with all bottling regulations as mandated by the Food and Drug Administration; we are licensed with the State of Florida; and we have all required bottling permits from the local governmental agencies.

Our water is harvested deep inside the spring cavern of our historic natural spring which is fed by the Floridian Aquifer. Our spring is verified by the State of Florida Agriculture Department and recognized by the St. Johns River Water Management District as a third magnitude spring. It has been the source of premium drinking water for millions of gallons of bottled water over the years and historically known to locals and visitors alike who came to take in the waters. In fact, the natural spring was one of Florida’s earliest tourist attractions and the town of Orange Springs was once a health resort due to the purported restorative qualities of the spring water.