Delta-8 THC 1000mg Vape Cartridge - Lost Coast OG Strain

Delta-8 THC 1000mg Vape Cartridge – Lost Coast OG Strain


1000mg of Premium Delta-8 THC in the loco Lost Coast OG flavor.

Lost Coast OG is a pure sativa known for its energy-giving, uplifting, creative effects. It has a sweet smell and a sweet, earthy, pine flavor.

Fragrance: Sweet, sour, earth, pine, citrus

Effect: Productive, creative, energy, focusing strain – stay productive through a busy day

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Ingredients: Hemp derived delta-8 THC extract, terpenes.

90% Delta-8 THC + 10% Terpenes

Tampa Bay Hemp Co is a leader in precision botanical terpene blends using pure, food grade isolated compounds derived from non-cannabis sources. Each profile is curated using quality analytics to positively reflect their namesake plant. The following information is intended to inform our audience of the origins and cultural significance behind our botanical strain profile.

When discussing some of the most essential and popular strains in cannabis, it is difficult not to have Lost Coast OG in the equation. The hybrid with an uncertain history is a potent strain that is responsible for numerous phenotypes including SFV OG and Tahoe OG. Lost Coast OG’s influence on cannabis has been so immense that Leafly called it “the genetic backbone of West Coast cannabis varieties.”

Depending on your sources, Lost Coast OG maybe a Florida transplant that made its way to L.A. in the mid-‘90s. In other cases, it may be the result of a Canadian grow operation. Adding to the confusion, the “OG” has long been debated as well, with some citing the California strain Original Gangster. Meanwhile, those who subscribe to the Canadian origin story would likely consider the name to be a reference to the shut down Canadian grow location Even its lineage is up for debate, with most settling on Chemdawg and Hindu Kush as its parents. Regardless the history, one thing that is certain is Lost Coast OG is a multiple award-winning cannabis flower that is both high in THC content and keeps people going through the day.

Lost Coast OG’s fragrances give consumers a hefty whiff of nature. Hints include Earth, pine and wood that scores of cannabis enthusiasts rave about. Additionally, Lost Coast OG steps out of the woods with lemon in the mix as well. When lit, Lost Coast OG’s wood taste comes to the forefront with a touch of sweet notes as well.

With a significant potency, it should come as no surprise that Lost Coast OG is regarded for its knack at providing significant levels of energy and euphoria. In some instances, consumers report feeling couch locked. In other cases, users report feeling uplifted with the ability to engage in lively conversations and enhance their experiences around everything from exercise to playing video games.

For years, Lost Coast OG has developed a reputation as one of the industry’s finest strains. Adult consumers find immense comfort in the strain with uncertain origins. In addition to its rejuvenating capabilities, Lost Coast OG is one of the more iconic, exquisite smelling strains you can get your hands on. Do yourself a favor and transport yourself into nature with Lost Coast OG. It will start an experience that is almost assuredly going to rank at the top of your list.


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